Wednesday, February 27, 2008

With friends like these...

Mahmoud Abbas, so often described as a Palestinian "moderate", who apparently favours a two-state solution, refuses to rule out returning to "the armed struggle" against Israel [did he ever leave the armed struggle in the first place?]; boasts of having fired "the first shot [against Israel, on behalf of the PLO] in 1965" (when the Palestinians were occupied by Jordan, not Israel), and boasts of his pride in the fact that Fatah trained Hizbullah: here.
Is it any wonder that peace between Israel and the Palestinians is so elusive?

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Judah Himango said...

Yes, and both Hamas and Fatah call for the destruction of Israel in their charters.

We need to uproot these wild weed before they grows any larger and choke us to death. It's time for Israel to retake what's rightfully ours.