Thursday, February 07, 2008

"We don't serve Jews"

CHIILLING account of lurid antisemitism in Belgium, here. It makes my blood run cold.


Anonymous said...

Sorry for posting a question on your blog but not sure how else to contact you. I am preaching through Numbers and want to illustrate the incredible statement "We were better off in Egypt" (Numbers 11:18). Our forgetfulness leads us to some astonishing, incredulous conclusions. Given that Pharaoh wanted to commit genocide (and tried) - e.g. Exodus 1.22 - I want to show what a shocking statement Numbers 11:18 is. People who are listening need a wake up call to understand this. Can I illustrate this with a reference to the 20th Century genocide - i.e. Numbers 11:18 would be like a modern Jew saying "I would rather live under Hitler" - equally shocking and unthinkable. I don't see why not, but wanted to see what you think!! Ta!

James said...

HI Adrian
Thanks for getting in touch. The illustration certainly works and gets the point across; my only reservation is that personally speaking illustrations about the Holocaust always cut me like a knife. - they are that raw emotionally. If you have any Jewish members in your congregation (and please don't assume you have none, many UK congregations have at least one person with a Jewish grandparent) you might want to choose something else: Armenians and Turks? Hutus and Tutsis? Israeli residents of Sderot and Hamas? (the last one is similar conceptually to the one you are proposing but perhaps not quite so immediately personal)

PS You can get me on in the future.

Matt said...

Hi James!

Just thought I'd give you a head's up; the link that you posted on this entry now reads, "We've removed this story for the moment because we've been informed that it isn't true." I certainly hope it isn't true.



James said...

Todah achi!