Friday, August 07, 2009

A simple question to Daniel Blanche.

Daniel Blanche works as a staff worker for the Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship (UCCF).

Daniel has blogged approvingly about Ben White's book, Israeli Apartheid: A Beginner's Guide, here.

When I and others began to challenge Daniel about White's use of fake quotes, citation of Holocaust Denier Roger Garaudy as an authoritative source, and use of other dubious sources, Daniel pulled out of the debate.

I have twice posted the following question on this post on Blanche's blog. Twice it has been deleted. The question is as follows:

"Daniel: do you think it is acceptable for your friend Ben White to cite the Holocaust Denier Roger Garaudy as an authoritative source and to use fake quotes in his book?"

I have just posted my question for a third time. I await to see whether Blanche will answer, or will go on courageously deleting.


seismicshock said...

Isn't UCCF part of IFES? And doesn't IFES have an 'Israel' chapter?

Ben White advocates boycotts of Israel, and excluding Israelis from global culture.

Surely this would mean that IFES would have to close its Israeli chapter according to Blanche and White?

I wonder what Blanche's UCCF overlords would have to say about this!

James said...

Good question, I note that in the meantime Blance has deleted my comment for a third time

Daniel said...

I believe I've replied to your last comment here:

i.e. on the thread that was relevant. I am deleting irrelevant comment, because my blog is not all about Israel/Palestine and I've no desire to make it so. As for your IFES comment, that might be true if I though Israel shouldn't exist, but I don't at all.

James said...

If you were prepared to condemn White outright for citing a Holocaust Denier, I might find your claim that you are not antisemitic easier to believe.

Perhaps you can also answer my question about what you think of his use of fake quotes?

Daniel said...

Cross posting from my own blog:

James, that's fine. I could be in error. That's entirely possible.

But please don't assume the worst. Assume that I'm trying to do the right thing, put me right courteously, give me the evidence.

And for the record, I don't think it's a good idea to cite holocaust deniers. I'd never heard of Garaudy until yesterday, and I didn't spot him in the book. I see him now in the bibliography. That's certainly an error of judgement in my view. Holocaust denial is ethically offensive and historically absurd. I hope that makes that point clear.

I don't claim to be an authority on this issue. Just someone who is concerned for what he perceives as injustice - and please note that I had formed that opinion long before I read Ben's book.

James said...

Thanks Daniel. I commend you for finally saying that - which is far more than Ben has done.