Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Extracts from email to Stephen Sizer

Dear Rev Sizer
For your information, my Large Blue Footballs blog has never been anonymous, my name "James" appears on the right hand side. My surname can be found by clicking through some of the links. By the way, thanks for the free publicity, I often worry that not enough people read my posts.
Both the BMJA website and the LMF website have criticisms of you which are public and not anonymous. The only person who seems to have any interest in hiding anything is you: you would really prefer that people didn't know about your email contact with Israel Shamir or those antisemitic articles you sent out to the Palestinian Orthodoxy group, or your use of openly antisemitic language ("people in the shadows") in a national newspaper. Shouldn't you be apologizing and repenting for this, not trying to stifle those who happen to disagree with you? Sorry Stephen, but the language you use, the sources you cite and the company you keep leave me very far from convinced that you are not antisemitic....
If you are going to put controversial material into the public domain, you have to accept that you will be criticised in the public domain. It seems to me that you are trying to stifle free speech. If you don't want to be criticised, stop writing.
I really don't care if you name me on your blog. I am proud to be a Messianic Jew, and I am proud to be someone who loves my own people, my Messiah and the State of Israel. I am not a dispensationalist, I do not support Israel uncritically, and I contribute to relief projects for Palestinian Christians. I would be proud to be named by you as someone who stands against what in my opinion is your flawed theology, your rewriting of history, your callous indifference to Israeli pain, and your use of classic antisemitic tropes under the cover of "anti-Zionism".


Matt said...

Did Sizer edit a reference to LBF out of his post? I see only an examination of something by Jacob Prasch.

James said...

Hi Matt,
Yes he did, following this email and this post.

Matt said...

In the future, you may want to consider being sure to take (and possibly post) screenshots of essays which later get bowdlerized in this manner.

James said...

Good idea!

Jonathan Hunt said...


Encouraged to come across yr blog. Will be coming back.


James said...

Thanks JOnathan!