Friday, June 06, 2008

Israel's police tried to ban this Israeli News broadcast on the Ami Ortiz bombing twice, third time they failed

[Adapted from an email from an Israeli pastor]

Have a look at this link to a news report done by Israel's Channel 1 News. This news report on Ami Ortiz was the highest rated show on Israeli TV during the time it was aired due to the number of viewers. As you will learn from the video, the Israeli police attempted to stop the airing of this report by taking Channel 1 to court twice. When their first attempt failed, they brought it before a higher court. Thankfully, the second attempt failed as well. The Lord used the fact that they were trying to cover up the case to bring greater publicity and awareness. Advertisements were made to make the public aware of how much the police are trying to block any information to be revealed about the case. It made people more interested.

The airing of the report also caused public officials as well as other media outlets to take interest in what's happening. They are starting to wonder what is being hidden and why. This is pressuring the police to finally start working on the case after they've sat on the evidence without doing anything.

As you watch this report, please pray. Here are some prayer points:

Pray for Ami:
Pray that the Lord would continue to speak to Ami and give him love, peace, hope, and joy.
Pray that the Lord would continue to perform miracles on his physical body. He still faces multiple operations to reattach severed nerves in his arms and a long road of physical therapy. Pray for miraculous healing.
Pray for his parents

Pray that the Lord would continue to give all involved more grace and strength for each day.
Pray that the Lord will give them wisdom and discernment as they deal with the police, officials, lawyers, and the media.
Pray that the Lord will continue to give them courage and boldness to proclaim His name.
Pray for their children:
Pray that the Lord will use this to work in the hearts of Israeli Messianic children and not be a point of discouragement.
Pray for the believers:
Pray that the Lord will continue to unite the believers all over Israel and the world through this matter.
Pray that the Lord will cast out all fear through His love and that they will be bold and courageous in declaring their faith.
Pray that the media will not twist any facts, but present the truth so that the Lord will be glorified.

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