Monday, October 01, 2007

Challenging supersessionism

Ive posted before on my view that theological supersessionism - i.e. the view that the church is the "New Israel" - is unhelpful, potentially damaging to the cause of Jewish mission, and unbiblical: here

The best stuff I've so far read speaking against the view is the great chapter on "Jew and Gentile in the NT" by Sydney evangelical and former Moore College lecturer Don Robinson in his book Faith's Framework, available free online here. More recently, I have seen a preview of a chapter of Barry Horner's book Future Israel: Why Christian Anti-Judaism must be challenged. I'm hoping that it will soon be available on Amazon; in the meantime, the whole book is available in PDF form (a mere 400+ pages!) here. The chapter on Israel - and comtemporary anti-Judaism in the UK will be of particular interest to UK readers.

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