Monday, July 02, 2007

The Longest Hatred 2

Antisemitism: why evangelicals need to be concerned

- Because Christians should be concerned with combatting all forms of racism
- Because Romans 11 provides a specific theological mandate against antisemitism
- Because some evangelicals are Jewish
- Because we long to see Jewish people recognise Yeshua as their Messiah: however, the antisemitism which has been a feature of the European church for centuries remains a major stumbling block to Jewish people doing just that
- Because antisemitism remains a terrible stain on church history
- Because, historically, societies where antisemitism has flourished have also persecuted evangelicals: the Spanish Inquisition (which arguably, and perhaps ironically, specifically targeted proto-Messianic Jews, here); Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia, fundamentalist Islam. It doesn't seem to me to be coincidence that the UK has seen an increase both in antisemitism and in opposition to evangelicals in recent years.

As ever comments are appreciated, if only to allay my neurotic fears that no-one is reading my blog and I might be wasting my time...


poetpete said...

Gday James,

As far as I can appreciate all that you have written here is reasonable and worthy of embracing. As a Messianic Gentile, aka evangelical, I wonder how 'we' can bring to bear upon our churches and fellowships the need to consider such things, .

So, from a practical perspective, how are Gentile Christians to go about bringing a change of heart and mind among fellow believers?

Peter Johnson
(aka shimon ben yochannan)

James Mendelsohn said...

Hi Peter

i'l tackle that one in future posts.

Thank you for posting, it has made my day!