Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Israel news

These two encouraging items, written by Richard Gibson, initially appeared in the British Church Newspaper, page 9, issue 114, 8th June 07

Messianic Jews invited to Jerusalem Day parade
Richard Weisskopf the Chairman of Love4Israel reports that in an "unprecedented move, the City of Jerusalem invited Messianic Jews to lead the Jerusalem Day parade. What is more, a senior advisor to Ariel Sharon marched under the Messianic Jewish banner." The Messianic Jewish Alliance of America was invited to participate in the parade to celebrate 40 years since the unification of Jerusalem. Local Israeli Messianic Jews from the Beit Guela Messianic Congregation pastored by sabra Israeli Meno Kalisher also took part wearing www.Yeshua.co.il shirts to advertise their website.

Freedom of Worship in Israel Upheld

Calev Myers of the Jerusalem Institute of Justice reports.

A municipality in the south was claiming that use of an apartment for Messianic home-group meetings was illegal based on existing zoning regulations. The municipality went on to demand that the leader of the Messianic Jewish congregation, which was using the apartment for small worship services, apply for a zoning variance or face charges of illegal use of the property.

Our team of legal professionals, at the Jerusalem Institute of Justice, prepared a formal response to the municipality in question, pointing out that their aforesaid request infringes upon basic rights of religious freedom, personal freedom of worship and equal treatment by law.

We are pleased to report that the municipality has formally retracted all of its aforesaid claims and cancelled, in writing, all demands against the aforesaid Messianic Jewish leader.


Matt said...

What I great bit of news, and what a refreshing blog to discover as well (though the blog name might be just a tad derivative, nu? (;->). I discovered your blog through a link on Chris Tilling's blog. Your news fits well with that of the recent positive coverage of Messianic Jews in Jerusalem on Channel 2 in Israel which you may have come across and which can be found here at the Caspari site (it's very encouraging, except for the tendency to refer to Yeshua with the obnoxious "Yeshu" acronym.



James Mendelsohn said...

Hi Matt,
Good to hear from you, tell me a wee bit about yourself?

Yeah, I've seen that Channel 2 report, massively positive and encouraging isn't it?

Yeah, derivative I know, but you're the only person to spot that so far!


Matt said...

Hi again, James,

I'm a fellow Messianic from the US, but working in Asia for the past 17+ years, largely focused on our cousins; there are a considerable number of similarities in terms of theological issues I had to address after I came to faith that are also issues for our friends. It's been quite a journey.

I've been married a South Asian lady for the past 14 years or so, and we have a son. We're planning to be back in the US for a study sabbatical in which I plan on working on a postgraduate degree.

Cheers & blessings,


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